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Burning questions
Do you have any questions? Do you want to learn more about oil lamps from the European GALICIAN collection?  
Please refer to the Burning questions section!
Lukasiewicz - biography | Statues of Lukasiewicz | Podkarpackie Museum

Łukasiewicz’s monuments  

* Bóbrka (Krosno district) - the bust of Łukasiewicz on a pedestal, standing in the front of the house in which he lived, author: Władysław Kandefer.

* Chorkówka (Krosno district) - a statue erected in 1979

* Gorlice - ul. Legionów, one of the famous people honoured by the Millennium Monument, 1968

* Kraków - ul. Lubicz, in the front of the NAFTA office building, housing various institutions connected with oil mining. Near the Institute of Oil Mining and Gas Engineering - the same bust as that in Bóbrka.

* Krosno - Konstytucji 3 Maja square - complete figure, holding the paraffin lamp in the right hand. The statue was erected in 1932, author: Jan Raszka.
Ignacy Łukasiewicza is also the patron of the Rzeszów Technical University.

source: http://pl.wikipedia.org/

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