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Burning questions
Do you have any questions? Do you want to learn more about oil lamps from the European GALICIAN collection? 
Please refer to the Burning questions section! 
Lukasiewicz - biography | Statues of Lukasiewicz | Podkarpackie Museum

The largest oil lamp collection in Poland 

The largest oil lamp collection in Poland is kept at the Podkarpackie Museum in Krosno.

One of the largest and most impressive oil lamp collections in Europe is located at the Podkarpackie Museum in Krosno. So far approximately 900 oil lamps are in the collection. The complete lamps and paraffin lanterns (625 pieces) prevail. The table or portable lamps are the most popular in the collection (425 pieces). These antiques show a wide variety of artistic forms reflecting art styles at the time of its greatest popularity in the years 1860 - 1920. The lamps manufactured in the second half of the 20th century and the early 20th century are the most impressive ones. They distinguish themselves by a wealth of ornamental technology and by a wide variety of shapes, colours and the materials they are made of.

The parlour and column lamps are especially beautiful in the exhibition. They are predominantly crowned with tulip shape lampshades and made of both coloured and clear glass. The lamps and lanterns designed for technical purposes are found in a separate group. They were used to illuminate factories, public buildings, streets, horse drawn and mechanical vehicles, platforms and railway carriages. We cannot leave out heating appliances, heaters and cookers, which were also widely used. The most valuable museum pieces are shown in the permanent exhibition entitled “History of lighting”. The exhibition represents in chronological order the most popular light sources being used through centuries. The collection of paraffin lighting manufactured by various European and American factories is the core of the exhibition. Various types of paraffin table, standing, wall and hanging lamps are shown here. Among them the most valuable is the lamp with a body made of Meissen porcelain in a pastel tone ornamented with stylised “cupids”.
Another unusually valuable artefact is a unique glass lampshade made of white glass, on which a detailed world map is reproduced.

Apart from paraffin lamps other sources of light used by man for centuries are also on view. For example, torches, olive lamps, candlesticks, gas and electric lamps.
Most of the artefacts are presented in large showcases adjusted in size to monumental interiors with barrel vaults with lunettes. The exhibition is enhanced by fragments of interiors of houses from the turn of 19th and 20th centuries and by artefacts of Ignacy Łukasiewicz (1822-1882), the inventor of the oil lamp and founder of the Polish oil industry. You can find more information on wall boards containing text enhanced with images and artefacts.

source: http://www.muzeum.krosno.pl/

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