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Lifetime guarantee
All the GALICIAN Oil lamps offered in the producer’s trading network have been manufactured manually and made solely from natural materials using traditional methods. 
All products from GALICIAN collection have a lifetime guarantee.
Oil lamps
Introduction | Lamp catalogue

Oil lamps came into existence in 1853, when Polish craftsmen started to produce them. Handcrafted manufacturing technology initiated by them and applied to the design has proven timeless and have endured in an unchanged form till now. The author and promoter of this unusual invention was Ignacy Łukasiewicz, a Pole, who is considered to be the father of our well-known traditional Galician oil lamps.

Extraordinary skills were handed down through generations of craftsmen highly skilled in the manufacturing of unique wealthy ornamental glass, including lampshades and basins made of brass for oil lamps. In this way the Polish traditional design based on folklore and plant motifs was developed and can be admired today in many GALICIAN lamps.

The GALICIAN oil lamp is an ideal companion for evenings at home, full of memories, polite conversations, reminiscences and family warmth. It introduces a nice snug atmosphere, ideal for relaxation, the gently flickering flame carries you to the atmosphere of, good times, when life was easy and everything was still considered to be possible...

Take time travel back to the atmosphere of the late 19th century! Smell in the unique aroma of an Oil lamp!
Choose your lamp from the GALICIAN collection!

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